Integration What's Included & Pricing

SnailBlast is free to integrate with your Shopify store (Install here), but there are additional fees that we'd like to help you understand before you get started. 

What's included for free?

  • Online design tool (DIY design)
  • Hire a design pro to design for you
  • High-quality postcard templates
  • Crazy good support
  • Building your target audience & integrating your store
  • Address verification
  • Mailing your first 50* postcards (Quantity may changed depending on promotions)
  • More cool stuff

What's not free?

  • Mailing postcards (Price varies by postcard size and campaign type)

What can you do?

  • Trigger Blast - Automatically mail postcard to Shopify customers that meet your criteria
  • Direct Blast - Send a one-time postcard campaign to one or more addresses (Shopify or Upload CSV)

Plans to lower your price per postcard

We have 2 premium subscription plans that can help you lower your price per postcard. These plans are used to optimize trigger blast campaigns (i.e. automated campaigns you can setup and enable to mail postcards to any customer who meets certain requirements you define). 

Pricing for our premium plans (Optional)

  • Starter: ($0 - Free to try)
  • Growing: ($99 - Best for sending more than 500 postcards per month)
  • Booming: ($499 - Best for sending more than 1,250 postcards per month)

Postcard rates listed below for each plan

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