How SnailBlast measures Shopify conversions?

SnailBlast connects with your Shopify store to provide you with real-time performance metrics of customers who received your postcards. Here's what we collect:

Revenue - The sales total from all orders made by the customers who received the postcards
Orders - The number of orders made by customers who received postcards
ROI - The return on your investment (Total Revenue / Total Spent)
Conversion rate - Percentage of customers receiving the postcards who have made a purchase
Total delivered - The number of postcards sent
Total ad spend - The total cost you spent to mail your postcards

Your dashboard area provides a combined report of all of the campaign metrics. To view the performance of an individual campaign, simply view the campaign details page for any campaign you've launched/activated.

SnailBlast Attribution Timeline

SnailBlast uses a 45 day attribution window. This means that if a Shopify customer received a postcard and then made a purchase 0-45 days later, we would attribute it to that postcard campaign.

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