Selecting Your Target Areas

After performing a search in our Area Blast map, SnailBlast will provide you with areas you can select. These areas will appear as red lines in the map. Each line represents a carrier route.

What is a carrier route? 
A carrier route is a group of mailing addresses that receive the same USPS code to ensure efficient mail and package delivery. For the sake of this article, you can think of a carrier route as a collection of addresses that you can target and the post office will deliver your postcards to every address within that route. 

In the example below you'll see a collection of red and yellow lines. These lines will appear to be connected, however, when you mouse over them, you'll see the individual route more clearly, allowing you to select it. 

A selected route will turn from red to yellow and it will automatically be added to your audience cart, providing you with real-time pricing.

To remove an area, click on the yellow line that represents the area.

Pro Tip  👀 
Located next to the search bar at the top of the map is our table view. Switching to our table view can make it easier to select/deselect routes as well as sort by certain demographic details. 

You can perform multiple searches while you build your audience. Any areas you've selected (turned yellow) will remain unless you remove them. 

When you're happy with the audience you've built, simply click the save & continue button located over the map. This action is not final, which means you can continue to come back and edit your audience at anytime before you schedule & launch. 

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