SnailBlast & MyCreativeShop

MyCreativeShop and SnailBlast have partnered to create a complete all-in-one design solution for MyCreativeShop users!

This integration allows MyCreativeShop customers to easily mail their postcards using SnailBlast's powerful direct mail solution without ever having to leave MyCreativeShop.

How does it work?

Anytime you open a new or existing postcard template inside the MyCreativeShop editor, you'll now see a direct mail button at the top of the page. 

Our integration does not require you to have a SnailBlast account.

This button is your entry point into the SnailBlast campaign builder. Once selected, SnailBlast will make it easy for you to set the details of your campaign. 

Let's quickly walk through some of the steps you'll complete:

  • Name your campaign
  • Choose a campaign type 
    • Direct Blast - Upload a list of addresses
    • Area Blast (EDDM) - Target areas on a map
  • Build your audience (Upload your list or select areas on a map)
  • Complete your design (Final approval)
  • Launch your campaign 
    • Schedule delivery date
    • Place your order
  • Track your campaign

What mailing options does SnailBlast have?

SnailBlast provides you with 2 powerful mailing solutions. These options cover most if not all of your design needs:

  1. Direct Blast 
    Choose a direct blast campaign if you have a list of addresses you'd like to send your postcard to. This is a classic direct mail solution with built-in address validation and campaign tracking. 
  2. Area Blast (EDDM approved)
    Choose an area blast campaign if you'd like to target 1 or more areas within the United States. This includes a robust mapping tool, so you can simply click on areas you'd like your postcard to be delivered to.
At this time we only support delivery to United States addresses

Why should I love this?

We think the value is pretty clear here, but how about we detail everything that's awesome about this:

  1. You can now design & mail postcards without ever leaving MyCreativeShop
  2. Incredibly low prices
  3. High-quality print
  4. Fast delivery
  5. Robust tracking
  6. A complete EDDM solution (Area Blast)
  7. It's easy!
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